The Willing Well

by Cinthia Candelaria

Is it me
Or is she with me,
Or is he with me
Cause easily they’ll both just forget me,
I no longer have much time
So I gotta make her mine,
Or do I take him…
Can I make him reach nine?
Am I outta line?
Will it all be just fine?
I gotta make up my mind,
Is she even worth the time,
Will he really help the grind
Get me out this grime,
Will she respect all of the shine
Even after I’m left without a dime,
Like my spine can she hold me up,
When I fuck up will he just hold me down,
Will she only be stuck to me for now,
Will I feel lucky that I kept him around,
Will you look at me stank girl if I sweat you,
Boy will I regret that I ever even have met you
Then just forget you,
Was it me
Or was it he,
Or was it she…

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