The Devil’s Playground

by Jamel E.

Often while growing up, I was told that idle time and the Devil’s Playground ran hand in hand. Two entities specifically designed to slaughter productivity.

There was once an infamous commercial circulating. It revolved around drugs
and the effects they have on the brain: a frying pan cooking an egg, equipped with an ominous slogan, “This is your brain on drugs”. But, although they relayed the effects, they never articulated the causes. For many some catalysts are: peer pressure, depression, curiosity, an overwhelming desire to be accepted.

Now, let’s investigate the gravitational pull of idle time. Disguised under the umbrella of boredom, idle time encapsulates the mind with images that translate into actions. “We are what we think!” If not carefully monitored, we can slide into an abyss of pessimism and that can lead to a lifelong game of destruction played out, on the dark, dingy courts, of what we call the Devil’s Playground… where the game time is never ending. And there is no such thing as winning.

If you’re hungry, here’s a little food for thought: In order to grow, you have to nourish the biggest baby you’ll ever encounter: yourself. When referring to the Devil’s Playground, it’s not where you play the game that matters; it’s about the team you choose to play for.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Guard it with your life.

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