That’s Why I Love You

by Miguel Alverio

I remember support over the phone
You acceptin’ them calls
On the front line me behind enemy walls.

Emotions were raw you crying
Wishing I was home
Going to sleep in my shirt
Cause you could smell the cologne
Blowing up the phone and though
We got the company block
Three letters every week cause the
love don’t stop

Whether I’m locked in a cell or a cube
Reminiscin’ over your letters getting
high on perfume
One whiff has me intoxicated, and
even though I’m incarcerated
You obligated telling me that I’m a make it
Contemplatin’ if I should ask to bring that weed up

I know money rough
cause you coming up
On that free bus
And though I know you
familiar with the procedure

I don’t need drugs,
we need love to heal us
Cause it ain’t all about
that package mama

If shit get rough with the dollars
I’m aight just remember to holler
If there’s anything I can do to help

It’s fucked up on how I’m locked
I’m so in tune with self
You love it
These other convicts they say I be buggin’
Analyzing your letter so I could
touch every subject
Not for nothing though
cause you make it very productive
You just don’t hear you incorporate
This shit into your life and activate it
And through your letters I could see a change
On how you answer situations
Knowing that I would’ve did the same
Cause life’s complications still remain
Whether I’m there or not for what it’s
worth, ma
I could feel your pain
Through the eye of the storm
and the sea of debris
Focus on you helps me
not to think of the street
But of the shit we could do
And the things we could be
In other words, you just a vision of me
Minus the balls and the prison degree

That’s why I love you

There could be no other woman for me
Why you wait for me to get in the streets

That’s Why I Love You

A dying soul with the will to compete
Giving me love whether in prison or free

That’s why I love you

And when this pain got you fittin’ to leave
You don’t break, you build in the grief

That’s why I love you

In other words, you just a vision of me
Minus the balls and the prison degree

That’s why I love you

Paroled to your crib when I needed a home
We fucked on the couch,
got weeded and zoned
And though I slept on the couch
Cause your seed isn’t grown
He has to mentally adjust,
so we feeding him slow
But whoever would’ve knew
That we would be close
Apart from you, I love that child
Like a seed of my own
Why you lead me along to feel this
what I needed before
An intimate bond with a touch so
vigorous was
When you thinking I’m wrong
You throwing things and flinging your arms
And when I’m blocking my face
You try to kick at my balls
You get love cause not once did you pick up the phone
And dial 911 or try to scheme on parole
What about the days I tried to hold up
this pain on my own
The noises you make,
ma when we makin’ love,
you moan
Got a nigga feeling like man
there’s nothing like home
That’s why I look upon you
as a blessing
And hope your love and affection
could me out of corrections
When I’m stressing
When I was gone you was fucking
cause I made you the freak that you are
But you smart cause you don’t shit
where you eat

In other words,
You just a vision of me
Minus the balls and the prison degree.

That’s why I love you.

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