That Someone.

by Ryan Bennett

There’s someone that didn’t love me,
Until I let my freedom go.
They never helped me find myself,
Or plant a seed to help me grow.
They never aided me in problems.
I would struggle on my own.
And when my eyes were taking showers,
They would watch me cry alone.

They never helped me live my dreams,
Because they saw them all as waste.
All the times I was in danger,
They weren’t there to keep me safe.
When I felt good about myself,
They would never once relate.
And when I stressed myself for love,
They would stress me out with hate.

If I ever thought to quit,
They would advertise my doubt.
They also helped my demons,
Try to push my goodness out.
When I wished to speak the truth
they put a muzzle over my mouth,
And darkened up my sky
As they dragged me further south.

If I ever needed company
To smile with me for long,
they would bring me many frowns,
As if to smile is very wrong.
If my depression wished to dance,
I would play the saddest song.
And if I ever had free time,
I’d spend it where I don’t belong.

This person never left me,
But still we were strangers.
Holding each other’s hand,
While we were both traitors.
Our grip was secure,
But the distance was greater.
Gave each other drugs,
And alcohol came later.

Then I let my freedom go,
By choosing to lose it.
By doing evil things,
Sins of boredom, acting foolish.
I was sent away to a place
Where freedom is in music,
Different ways to change yourself,
And the freedom to be foolish.

It was in that place,
Where I needed to be.
To witness the importance,
Of living life free.
Even to that place,
That someone followed me.
The identity of this person,
Means a whole lot to me.

That someone is talented.
That someone is free.
That someone is kind,
He doesn’t practice greed.
That someone can find,
Himself in me.
His name is Ryan Bennett.
That someone is me.

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