Thank you, Fortune Society

by Ireal K. Jacobs

My number was 86*33
I was a difficult individual
Fortune warriors suited up for the challenge
and concur on their operation of helping
and building up
My self-foundation
My temple
I allowed it to be hurt, bruised.
They refuel
My mind with good self-knowledge
and got me ready to uplift myself as well as others
I’d like to say thank you to all who assist in their duties to
a tainted heart.
A heart that believed it was pumping the right methods
Know that I feel good
Feel amazing and grateful
Salute to Fortune
and all members for making it happen and possible for me
to help another that’s tragically lost in their development,
believing that there’s no light on the other side
Not government
Staying out the radar.
Thank you Fortune
and god bless.

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