Real Talk (Modern Day Romeo & Juliet)

by Ireal K. Jacobs

Real talk:
Why art they pursuing my wife
Cuz my life ain’t for thine eye, Naomi.
Why for sake our honest love?

Naomi talks:
Oh my strength, my equal
I’m silenced by thy ways,
not comfortable with your troubling heart,
But you still my throne.

Real talk:
I’m opening my spear to you
I present my ow to increase
in thy mind my fortune.
My gifts are my audition for you.

Naomi talks:
I pledge to support you
Recycle and rebuild my kind spirit.
United we will be forever.
And peace, sharing art and passion
will be in our veins.

Real talk:
As I rest my head upon your angelic chest,
taking in your magical warmth,
Boiling down my temper and
raising up my awareness yet again.

Naomi talks:
I am thy peach.
I am thy queen of queens.
I say this to to you cuz my life is yours
eternally, unconditionally.

Real talk:
You are my rock.
You complete my heart.
As I battle to keep you in sight
this night, at this moment, I’ll give you mine all
with no strings too loose.

Naomi talks:
My king, I heard you then, but I’m still uncertain,
not clear about the things you’ve done.
Don’t be alarmed –
You will always be my
knight in shining armor.

Real talk:
I appreciate thy belief in me,
thy courage and understanding.
I will not walk on my queen’s toe’s no more.
I will keep thy faith and fullness.
I’ll love thou forever.

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