by Mic Ruiz

A ladder, chain in command,
chains, wrists, clicks of grip,
manipulation, generation with kids,
perception perceived as leaders,
a free world, nightmares of imprisonment,
a dollar here, a dollar heard,
a dollar here, makes a dollar worth,
free young mind, don’t get slaved,
with one more thought neglects more change.

government, government,
why I thank you,
my trip to a new day,
made me safe in this school,
my mommy just kissed me,
my dad paid the bills,
these new clothes I’m wearing,
made a smile with thrills,
knock, knock who’s there,
FBI at the door,
you said there’s a warrant,
called my mother a whore,
why mr. officer are you flashing a gun,
what did I do, I’m just a kid as a son,
wait that’s my daddy,
please no don’t hurt him,
what is him selling drugs
if there’s bills to go service,
pow – gunshot sound.

R.I.P. father, I’m the boss of the town,
cooked crack to dope, even pounds of the loud,
a shot of this henny, I’m drinking 4 you,
even my homies that dead would be proud of this too,
those cops that has killed you,
they’re buried in grave,
I’m stuck in this cell,
still make money in days,
I come home in 5,
my momma might die
I’m just left with a why
are we made for these ways.

child, child
I control all this world,
from you, your dad,
even the birth of your girl,
a cycle repeated,
I’m considered a leader,
the earth that you stand
is considered my world,
shoot, kill, and massacre,
make the news see it different,
make the world see us good,
make the rest seen as different,
you sell drugs to live,
I’ll control all the currents,
the current of currency
is mine till I perish.

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