My Love For You

by Jose M.

Being apart from you breaks my heart
Hearing you on the phone sounding
so sad gets me mad
At that moment, I just wish I could
break these walls apart
I can’t stop thinking about all of the
good times we had
and the times we laughed
It makes me cry really bad
When I fight my tears, it burns my
That’s only because my soul is
fighting my pride.
When I hear you happy, it makes my heart
smile and mentally
it pushes everything away and it feels
like this time is only for a while.
My baby, my queen, my sweet flower,
my pride and joy,
my sexy butterfly, my sunshine
You are everything that’s beautiful in
the world
That’s why you are my girl
You are soon to be my wife,
a wife that’s a wonderful mother,
a strong woman,
a wonderful creation
that God blessed me with to have
’till the day I die…

I want you to know every morning,
you are the reason for the colors in the sky
So, don’t cry, my love.
Be strong.
God put us together because
we belong
I believe and have faith that he’s
going to bless us because
if we are for him, nothing can be
against us
I know we ain’t perfect.
We both have sin.
But, our promise to God is to never
let the Devil win.
You are the best thing that ever
happened to me besides our kids.

I wouldn’t want my life any other
I’m happy to have you.
So, keep being you
because I love you
and I’m in love with you
because you are you,
my one and only wife.

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