by Valentino M.

Loneliness is my most loyal friend.
She’s always there…
She’s so loyal that she often causes sadness and despair.
She never goes anywhere. Even in a crowd
full of people, she’s always there.

I didn’t know what a true genuine hug was until Loneliness came along.
I didn’t know the importance of a hug or an I love you… until I had none.
And Loneliness consumed me and my heart became her home.

Now, I nd myself in this cold and lonely place
surrounded by frustration, anger, deprivation and misery
Give me my freedom, and I’ll get rid of my dear friend loneliness.

If money could buy my freedom… I’ll show you where the money is.
However that’s not realistic… So, I’ll hold on to my true friend called Loneliness.

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