Just Cuz Ya Body’s Locked Up, Doesn’t Mean Your Mind Has To Be Confined

by Anthony S.

They say it’s out of sight – out of mind
People forgetting about you while you locked up can drive you outta ya mind I stay focused and have perseverance and try to utilize my time
In jail, you get what you’re given – I can’t say that much is mine
You try to have change in a life where your peers drop dimes
Everybody saying it’ll be alright, but you know nothing is fine

You gotta have strength to endure the shit life throws you
You gotta have ya head somewhere else wit what one goes thru
Someone is supposed to be the savior but no one knows who
Although my body is in a cage – I let my mind be free
The C.O.’s include me on their count, but in my mind, they can’t see me Just cuz your body is in jail, don’t mean you can’t let ya thoughts just sail

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