Inward Implosion

by John Rufino

Schemes so malicious and twisted, noose knotted round my neck in a twist, like the end of a spliff, death contingent on my existence, soul cancerous and malignant, maligned, maladjusted, resigned from addiction and corruption, ready to blow up, self destruction, gotta up the production, views been obstructed, that sickness creepin’ in, old soul so rustic, learned myself can’t be trusted, harbor secrets like a fugitive on the run that’s committed abductions, harder to function, jumping off at the junction, in conjecture with a spiritual level that I’m trying to reach after escaping several devils of my own creation, don’t mess with satan, more love less hating, stop hating myself, the virtue is patience earned after waiting and continuous prayers that I’ve been saying like restating to a stranger “hi, my name is”, but I’d rather be nameless, keep the form shapeless, carried so much anger and resentment until I became shameless, obtaining grace bestowed on my face after trying to remain faceless and non-complacent, growing pains and going through changes, even though time has been wasted, retrace my steps to move forward and start gaining, love and hate are adjacent, until I put the mask on my face and become jason and start slaying I’m just saying cream rises to the top like the glaze on a danish

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