I’m Labeled a Menace…

by Miguel Alverio

I’m labeled a menace, devil’s apprentice
born to rot in the system.
A spic, nigga, villain
that be selling rocks in the building.
You say you want me to testify
go ahead, ya’ll the civilians.
But don’t forget to mention
how I love the block and the children.
And tell the kids in the ghetto
they a target for prison.
Hope they hearing, cause when I was
I didn’t listen
to the elderly, now I’m old
and starve for tradition.
Not tradition of religion, but I harbor
a vision
of feeling my ancestor spirit fill me
with wisdom.
Cause I’m older now,
I’m careful how I kick it with the
cause the kids are quick to mimic the
wicked negative image
So I show them the difference
between those that live it and spit it.
They don’t mention
they way I be upliftin’ the women
Tell them they beautiful
regardless of the color they skin is.
Don’t let society or television
tell you what’s pretty
Stop looking at yourself as bitches
but instead as princesses,
To me, we are kings
Do away with the niggas
that’s just a word created
for those that be hatin’ our melanin
Cause there’s more to us with god’s
to absorb the sun.
My beautiful complexion is my
and they don’t like when I manifest it
cause this right here has been passed
down from
my descendants.
The darker the skin, the deeper the
And like Pac, I’m teaching them the

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