I Can’t Surrender

by Felix Guzman

Etched in heart the lack of love giving purpose to every word written
shallow depressions on paper deeply rooted in resentment, a prison
all my own in understanding I find freedom creating lush landscapes,
apologies never going said and then some within every poem made.
I forgive myself for failing achieve the dream of being architect via ink
flourishes precipitated by fluid movement of wrist owned in conviction,
I write well because I can’t do better, in my every alone poetry loved me
to health when I was homesick. Being homesick all the time is so ugly
an endeavor I pray these words soar with hell below I look above me:
“Please watch over me Lord as I rest, don’t take my breath from me
at leisure ever again but forever, let me know the peace of Heaven
and all what does wholly crown and anchor an alimentary measure.
When at my most broken, I’ll carry cross tighter. Nails offering healing,
the good fight is worth fighting. Being halos aren’t given forth so freely,
I want not know a moment where I can’t surrender to light my demons.
Bruised outward of innocence, I am of understanding pain has meaning”.

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