This Is Me

by Shaimel Steadwell

I am a poet worth hearing
I am da street dat u walk along
I am the voice trying to be heard
I am da face no one knows
I am da happy soul who found love
I am the one no one cares about
I am da one who cares for all
I am the light that guides u home
I am da silent angle no one will know
I am the headache dat kills u
I am da peace dat keeps u going
I am the story dat keeps going on with no end
I am the bar dat holds these cell walls together
I am agony that annoys u
I am her’s she is mine
I am the student who doesn’t want 2 learn
I am the devil plotting an evil scam
I am the dream u never wake up from
I am the poet who lives with in u
I am the strongest u’ll ever see me
I am life
I am death
I am the downfall u pray upon
I am the horizon u see
I am the moon with no filter
I am the sun with no radiation
I am the A/C dat keeps u cool
I am the heat dat kills
I am the faith u can’t seem to catch up with
I am the thought on your mind
I am the house u my never like
I am the best there ever will be
I am Shaimel
Thank u for hearing me out
This is me

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