Her Tearful Death

by Ryan Bennett

Crying on the inside,
where tears are unseen.
The only peace felt,
is in her dreams.

Outside she smiles,
while her heart frowns.
Very bruised from being hurt.
Will it ever fall down?

Dying is her spirit.
Despair fills her mind.
Wishing for a healing,
that she can never find.

Numb are her feelings,
and tired of being hurt.
With love comes hate
and tears to drown the dirt.

When she hopes for better,
what comes is worse.
Which leads her to believe
that her heart is a curse.

Males came and went,
without remorse or care.
Taking so much of her love,
she barley has any to share.

Untrue when they smiled,
sneaky when they lied.
Barely did they try.
Alone she always cried.

So the actions of her past,
helped her take that step.
Take her last breath.
Search for a healing in death.

She’s in pain.
It runs through her veins.
She wants to spend
the rest of her life
in the cold rain.
That way,
her constant tears
won’t stand out
and maybe the rain
can wash the pain out.
In a flood of tears
are the bad memories and doubt.
Tears join the rain
caught by the soil.
Still, she feels agony,
hate and turmoil.
She died in her dreams
with a smile on her face.
The open flood gates
are the lids to her eyes.
So even though in her dream,
she was able to die;
when the rain stopped,
her corpse began to cry.


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