Fresh Start

by Shakial S.

When I was young, I couldn’t wait to make fast cash.
Breaking the law seemed cool. The drug dealers was nice.
They always looked out for the youngings.
I used to observe everything, trying to gure out my lane, what I’d be good at. I was book smart, but even smarter on the streets.

I went into selling weed, and getting my ones up.
Moms didn’t have to spoil me anymore. I’ll soon get my own things. Rolling dice was my passion though.
Seemed like I was always winning, no matter the bet or the opponent.

When I get older, things got old.
Now, those bad habits came with sirens and handcuffs. Breaking the law wasn’t cool anymore. I wanted to square up. I nd myself in jail now looking at the outside.
Wondering what moves I could’ve made different.
A fresh start is approaching
and a good beginning
is the objective.

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