First Time In A Cell

by Teal H.

23 Upper is the cell I’m locked in,
I’m used to being a free man, not always boxed in
Sometimes it gets so hot in the cell, it’s hard to get oxygen

Going to court locked in chains and cuffs
Working for 26 bucks a week,
Come on, it’s modern day slavery

Mama always told me tough times don’t last forever but, tough people do

In jail, you see brothers work harder in here than they do in the street People are not writing no more, either you getting jumped or your face cut

In jail, family and close friends forget about you
Out of sight, Out of mind
So, don’t expect them to send money or answer the line

Everybody expecting us to fail as a felon,
You grew up with me, dog. I never knew you was tellin’

Take 19 or go to trial,
that’s court lingo

Don’t jump off the couch, straight into the streets
Ain’t nobody trying to fight no more, they packing heat
You can catch a cavity on the pavement thinking things are too sweet I’d rather ip burgers before I ip a pack
The thing about time, once you lose it,
you can’t get it back.

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