Around Me

by Shaun W.

Today was one of those days.
I think of all the things I could
and should be doing right now.
I was free for 23 years only to
end up just like the person
I hate most.
My father always told me I was
his son in every way.
But, I used to be proud cause I could say,

“I’ve never been to jail”

But, look at me now,
a hot mess
sitting in 3 Upper waiting on
that call for the State to come get
what belongs to them.
No longer a person,
only a detainee
Or a state inmate
No need to cry or lie cause you know
why you ended up here

Everywhere you go it’s a new story or a new line
on what you should be doing

Jailhouse lawyer and jailhouse gangster
Nobody wants to be themselves
Fake crips, fake bloods, fake this, fake that
Everybody want to play a thug
when they heart is crying for a hug.

Around me, all there is fake people
I thought I knew all about me too
Until in here help me find the real me
Some leave to come back and some
leave to never come back again.
Life in here is different than
what I thought it really was
If I could paint a picture
Or touch a soul with my words,
I’ve done my work.

Around me, I see a lot of lost people
who came here and lost themselves.
They was something before this
but, they let this break them
and they never rebuilt.

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