A Moment Ago

by Shamirra Malloy

A moment ago,
we were friends, we laughed, we played, we hung out all day.
A moment ago,
you were all I needed. Without you, I couldn’t breathe. I felt it deep within me.
A moment ago,
I had dreams, fantasies of a great life –
houses, cars, everything nice.
The fresh sent of pine trees when the wind breeze passed me,
stairs so deep words didn’t have to be use to express what love truly meant.
A moment ago,
passion wasn’t a question. It felt like something that was supposed to be.
Nothing mattered as long as you were here with me –
loving me, holding me, kissing me and wanting me.
A moment ago,
I felt like we were the perfect Bonnie & Clyde.
I told you all my secrets. There was no reason to lie.
Anything you needed I never denied. I gave you all of me.
Never felt like I had to hide. Just a moment ago.
A moment ago,
I was your queen. To you, I bling iced out without diamond rings.
I was the star in your eyes bright like the sun. My everything. You called, I run.
Just a moment ago,
your love gave me hope
that there’s a chance I would be able to love again,
trust someone,
feel like someone.
But, thanks to you that was
just a moment ago.

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