What Is Voices of Fortune?

A collection of Art and Writings
For and From
Those That are Currently and Formerly Incarcerated

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Voices of Fortune is a publication rooted in the belief that each person’s experience is a unique reservoir for strength and power as a writer and artist.

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Since the mid-1970s, the founder of the Fortune Society, David Rothenberg, has been collecting works of prose, art, music… from those dealing with the impact of the criminal justice system. Our collection spans decades, every generation, every age group, and every situation.

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These works of emotion and powerful visual imagery define more than just a criminal… they define a whole person. They share fears, frustration, hope, and Fortune. They are an outlet to express. They are a medium to share. They are a statement about our society.

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Voices of Fortune is here to listen.  To help. To be a place where you can realize that you’re not alone. Submit your works. Any format. Any medium. In any state of completion.

Contribute Your Works

We’d love to hear from you. Share y our experiences with us. We can help you tell the world that what you’re going through. What you’re feeling. We can help you heal.  Heal your family. Heal your relationships. Heal yourself.

Voices = Survival

The works compiled here were created
on buses, crowded trains,
in classrooms,
on lockdown,
on crumpled sheets of paper, in trusted journals,
memorized on the longest of nights,
found in the promise of late afternoons,
on the precipice of change,
while afraid,
while lost and maybe not yet found,
while found and absolutely ready to share,
as prayer, as question,
as apology, as oxygen,
as escape,
as reclamation,
as we. are. here.

as always a way forward.

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Fortune Society believes in the power of people to change. We help individuals with justice involvement rebuild their lives through innovative services and advocacy. Learn more about us, what we do, and how you can get involved to make our community a much better place.